Why meditate with us

About our meditations

We say that KMC Slovenia offers “practical meditation for everyone”. What does this actually mean?

What is meditation?

Meditation is a method for developing inner peace, for improving our state of mind, for overcoming negative states of mind and developing positive states of mind. We achieve this principally by developing a positive thought, focussing our mind on it, and becoming thorougly familiar with it.

What is practical meditation?

When we say that what we teach is practical meditation, we mean that it will help you gradually to change your life for the better. Regular and consistent meditation practice has a deep and lasting effect on the mind. You obviously cannot expect to see results overnight, but by practising in this way you will gradually experience a fundamental improvement in your state of mind. You will come to see things more in a more positive way and as a result you will come to experience the world around you in a more positive way.

Suitable for everyone

We also say that the meditations we teach are suitable for everyone, which means that our system of meditation can be used by anyone, irrespective of their circumstances or previous experience, how much time they have, and so on. It also not necessary to believe anything in advance: you can just try the meditations out and see where they take you.